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Virtual Backgrounds from Keio University Mita Campus


Keio University Art Center's project "Architecture of Keio" focuses on archiving historical buildings on campus. As one of the project's core activities, "providing and sharing information", we are now offering photos of buildings from our archives as background images.

You can use them as a background for your meetings and classes with ZOOM and other tools!

*Please refrain from using these images for commercial purposes.


 ・Mita Enzetsu-kan (Public Speaking Hall) 1  2  3

 [Completion]1875  [Structure]wooden, two-storeyed and hipped roof

 ・New Library 1  2  3

 [Design]Fumihiko Maki  [Completion]1981  [Structure]steel-framed reinforced concrete structure, 7-storeys above and 5-storey below ground

・The First School building 1  2  3

 [Design]Sone Chujo Architectural Office   [Completion]1937  [Structure]steel-framed reinforced concrete structure, 3-storeys above and 1-storey below ground

・Keiogijuku Jukukan-kyoku 1  2  3

 [Design]Sone Chujo Architectural Office  [Completion]1926  [Structure]reinforced concrete structure, 3-storeys above and 1-storey below ground

・Old Library 1  2  3

 [Design]Sone Chujo Architectural Office  [Completion]1912  [Structure]tiled roof, 2-storeys above and 1-storey below ground, partially steel-framed reinforced concrete structure


   (More about buildings at Mita Campus: here)

   More will be added soon...

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